Typical problems for which customers seek our help, are: 

1. Collaboration and relationships at work


  • Bad atmosphere in the company or team
  • Persistent conflicts within teams
  • Resistance / opposition in case of changes
  • Assisting your management staff during troubled times with your staff / unions
  • A lack of cooperation / forming silo's

2. Productivity and performance


  • Poor productivity / performance
  • To address demotivation
  • Assisting HR managers to fine-tune their strategy and policy
  • Guiding managers in major change processes
  • Employees do not do what is expected of them
  • Helping your management staff to clarify an inspiring mission, vision, values and strategy

3. Stress and burn-out


  • Low engagement, dissatisfaction
  • Stress and burn-out
  • Sick-leave / absenteeism
  • Staff turnover

Our approach in consultancy

It all starts with a good conversation during which we explore your needs and wants and whether we can help you with that. If both you and us have a good feeling about the project, then you will receive a concrete proposal for a project approach including a budget proposal.

A typical process starts with a good diagnosis of the problem, so that our intervention is not only effective but also as efficient as possible. Depending on the findings from the diagnosis, we make a proposal that may include the following elements:

  • Workshops with your team / department
  • Training for leaders / managers
  • Individual coaching
  • Advice on HR strategy and policy
  • Internal communications
  • Workshops with your management-team on mission, vision, values
  • ...

Tailor-made training and workshops

Are you looking for a training course on people skills or leadership? That is also possible. Or are you preparing a change process? Our training and workshops have different levels, depending on your needs and wants:

Being aware 
Focused on sensitizing leaders / managers and employees.
Focused on transferring knowledge and information.
Being able
Focused on learning skills.
Focused on experienced leaders and managers who want to sharpen their skills.

Topics that can be covered are, among others,

  • Motivation / motivating
  • Burn-out and stress
  • Developing a collective vision / ambition (align and connect)
  • Engagement and involvement
  • Delegating
  • Working together from strengths (personality)
  • Leadership / leading
  • Performance management
  • Giving (& receiving) feedback / feedback culture
  • Dealing with emotions and conflicts
  • Communicating effectively
  • ...

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