During this afternoon we provide you with a clear understanding into the factors that make an organization perform sustainably while caring for the happiness and wellbeing of the employees.

Four themes will be addressed:

  1. Why traditional management is less and less effective.
  2. What motivates people at work and how do you as an HR team intervene?
  3. Engagement and burn-out: make sure people can be work longer. A matter of balance.
  4. Performance: the six most important conditions for excellent performance.

But that is not everything. As an extra, we provide a scientifically justified answer to 5 big myths regarding management and HR.

  • In what circumstances do bonuses (not) work?
  • Setting objectives: SMART or not?
  • Measuring personality with MBTI, DISC or Insights?
  • Giving feedback using the sandwich method
  • Are personal values a better predictor for job performance than intelligence

About the content

The content of this course is based on years of research by the leading scientists in occupational psychology and management science. Raphael translates that science for you in simple and easily applicable methods and concepts.

About the trainer

Raphael Glassberg:

  • Gets energy by helping people and organizations to achieve better results and have more fun in their work, and in life
  • 22 years of practical experience in setting up and leading organizations (Leadership, strategy, sales and financial functions)
  • Commercial engineer (Solvay, 1994), has been supporting executives through coaching and training for more than 8 years.


  • Upon request
  • Also possible as an in-house program

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