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Join us for our 4th FREE webinar for CEO's and leaders The resilience webinar: Turn off worry, turn on resilience

  • Date: 01/10/2020 17:00 - 01/10/2020 18:00
  • Location: Online Event


We are pleased to invite you to join us on our 4th free  webinar, invite-only, for CEO’s and organizational leaders.

Sandrine Gouallier, the speaker will address a number of topics concerning resilience, during the first 50 minutes of the webinar and she will be available for Q&A during the last 10 minutes. CEO's and leaders get priority access to the interactive Zoom session. If you are not a CEO or a leader, we may request you to watch the session in a live stream.

The resilience webinar: Turn off worry, turn on resilience

As coronavirus dominates the headlines and upends our lives, are you feeling more unsteady and a bit lost? During times of crisis, the mind can easily become hooked by obsessive thinking, helplessness and anxietyFear can narrow our field of vision, making it harder to see the bigger picture and the positive possibilities in front of us. 

At this most extraordinary time, we would like to offer some immediate support to enable you to take care of yourself and your teams. We invite you to a highly-focused ‘Resilience Booster’ webinar in which we will share evidence-based tools and techniques to boost your resilience. 

We will explore how to build mental resilience by training our minds. Mental resilience, especially in challenging times like the present, means noticing our thoughts, unhooking from the unconstructive ones, and rebalancing quickly. 

You will discover techniques to help better manage your minds to help with the anxiety, frustration and concerns that many are experiencing at this time and learn:

  • How to train your mind for resilience
  • Great strategies for cultivating a resilient mindset right away
  • The parable of the Second Arrow and its lessons for managing anxiety in times of crisis.
  • Together, we all need to cultivate more clarity, focus and calm in order to be of most service to others and to ourselves. 
  • Potential Project have measurably enhanced the resilience and agility for over 200,000 employees and leaders in hundreds of companies


Sandrine Gouallier  spent 20 years of her career in international corporate businesses leading change management initiatives, process redesign & business transformation as well global accounts service management. She worked with teams in the US, Europe, Eastern Europe,  India and Asia. Discovering mindfulness and starting to practice when she took a new senior role at work has been very helpful to maintain a high level of performance while preserving her work/life balance. It became clear to her that she wanted to share these benefits and help others also experience them. Therefore she  made a radical change in her career and decided to become a mindfulness trainer. She is now a fully trained Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher. In 2019, she completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Neuroscience, Mindfulness Approaches and Teaching at Bangor University (UK). She is passionate about sharing her experience and knowledge to contribute to a better world and workplace, helping organisations and individuals develop more focus, clarity and resilience leading to sustainable performance. She recently delivered trainings at Danone, Sanofi, AXA, Accenture, LVMH, Lego, Verizon, Equinix, ...

Sandrine is fluent in French, English and German.

Potential Project has been helping 200,000 people and 600 companies around the world optimize performance, innovation and resilience through the practice of mindfulness. Their book the Mind of the Leader is a best-seller at Harvard Business Review Press

We have a limited number of seats for CEO's and leaders, who can interact with our speaker. Book now to make sure that you are able to join. When the seats are fully booked, you will still be able to follow a live-stream of the session.

This webinar will be hosted by Raphaël Glassberg: graduated from the Solvay business school, held numerous leadership roles in different companies (CEO, CFO, Business Development Manager), founded a number of companies, mainly in high-tech. Since 2010 Raphaël trains, coaches and provides consulting services to CEO's, leaders and managers. He co-founded Capeus in 2013 to help CEO's create flourishing organizations: making sure employees enjoy performing at their very best. 

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