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Join us for our 5th FREE webinar for CEO's and leaders Reduce your stress during Covid

  • Date: 12/02/2021 13:30 - 12/02/2021 14:30
  • Location: Online Event


We are pleased to invite you to join us on our 5th free webinar, invite-only, for CEO’s and organizational leaders.

Raphael Glassberg, the speaker will provide quick  and practical understanding and recommendations on how to reduce your stress,  during COVID.  CEO's and leaders get priority access to the interactive Zoom session. If you are not a CEO or a leader, we may request you to watch the session in a live stream.

Reduce your stress during Covid

Lockdown, working from home, homeschooling, meeting via online video tools, fewer options to meet people in person, fewer options to exercise. These are just a few of the stress factors that most of us have been facing during the last few months due to Covid.  

It is only normal that these circumstances affect most of us and increase our stress levels. During this FREE webinar, you will receive very valuable insights into what increases your stress and how to recover more balance in your life.

The contents of this webinar are part of a course that is being commercialized for leaders and CEO's: Reliable Essentials of Leadership.

You will receive this content for free. If you are a leader or a CEO we will grant you full interactive access to our live session. If you have another role, you will be able to follow a live stream of the session.

This webinar will be presented by Raphaël Glassberg. Raphael graduated from the Solvay business school, held numerous leadership roles in different companies (CEO, CFO, Business Development Manager), founded a number of companies, mainly in high-tech. Since 2010 Raphaël trains, coaches and provides consulting services to CEO's, leaders, and managers. He co-founded Capeus in 2013 to help CEO's create flourishing organizations: making sure employees enjoy performing at their very best. 

Imagine an organization where the employees are full of energylove their jobs, feel compelled to provide their best innovative ideas, and where they collaborate extremely well. These are only a few benefits of a Flourishing Organization.

We have a limited number of seats for CEO's and leaders, who can interact with our speaker. Book now to make sure that you are able to join. When the seats are fully booked, you will still be able to follow a live-stream of the session.

Book your seat now. Only 100  seats are available for CEO''s and Leaders.