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  • Date: 30/04/2020 17:30 - 30/04/2020 18:30
  • Location: Online Event


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The introduction was about how to ask questions in Zoom, and a short introduction about the speakers, as described below.

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Time : April 30th, 2020 @ 17:30 - 18:30 (Brussels, Oslo), @ 18:30 - 19:30 (Jerusalem), @ 11:30-12:30 (New York) - This is a free webinar; active participation is invitation only; viewers are requested to register.

Unprecedented situations require extraordinary measures

Covid-19 has created an unprecedented situation, quite suddenly. It took us by surprise. Most of the things we took for granted already seem far away. This imposed change creates a series of challenges, some of which are even threatening the existence of companies. As many heads of state have declared, we are at war.

This is a new reality for most of us, even for the most endured CEO's. What we have been doing in the past, may or most likely may not be adapted to the current situation. And this situation is not going away soon. We need strategies and methodologies to take on the fight.

Special forces are trained to overcome the most life threatening situations. They are trained to go forward, endangering their lives, and to succeed in those missions. This requires a particular mindset, which can be developed. This requires a certain way of approaching situations. This too can be trained.

For you, as a CEO or an organizational leader, we have brought together 3 experts that will share with you how business leaders can benefit from the insights and methodologies of special forces:

Ole Boe: was responsible for the Norwegian Military Academy’s concept of stress management, for preparing officers mentally for combat and other stressful and challenging situations. He served as an operational officer in a Norwegian military special unit conducting VIP protection, hostage rescue, and close combat. He taught close combat and combat mindset to elite units in many countries. Ole taught leadership to army officers at the Norwegian Military Academy and the Norwegian Defense University College. He currently works as a professor of organization and leadership at the School of Business at the University of South-Eastern Norway. Ole is a Krav Maga expert.

Ignace Van Doorselaere: spent 28 years in leading business positions: 12 years at AB-Inbev, the world’s leading brewery (leading Mergers & Acquisitions, Holland and Western Europe business unit as a member of the Executive Committee). 13 years as a CEO at Van de Velde, a stock-listed premium lingerie player in Belgium, and now over 3 years as a CEO at Neuhaus, Belgium’s premium international chocolate brand.   As a Krav Maga student, he was inspired to name his own company 4F (Flexible Focus, Fair Fight). He wrote a number of books: ‘The Road to Perpetuity’ and ‘Always Think Attack’ being two examples.

Eyal Yanilov: heads Krav Maga Global (KMG) with branches in over 60 countries. Eyal was named head of professional committee in Krav Maga by its founder, Imi Sde-Or (Lichtenfeld), who assigned him to develop the modern Krav Maga curriculum; Eyal has made Krav Maga into an integrated technical and tactical system. He has been teaching international and Israeli military, law enforcement, anti-terror, undercover, and special forces for over 35 years. Through KMG Boardroom Warriors, Eyal translates the combat mindset expertise to executives to help them deal with organizational challenges. He has written many books and produced many video classes.

The speakers will address the following topics:

  • Developing combat mindset, courage, determination
  • Improving decision making under stress
  • Focus and concentrate own resources to gather needed data, decide and act.
  • Relaxation and devolvement of destructive emotions, fear, frustration, anxiety, hate, etc.
  • Dealing with immediate and future business damage
  • “Think Attack” for the future of your business (3 sets of glasses)
  • Creativity in sales
  • Building cohesion

This webinar will be hosted by Raphaël Glassberg: founder Capeus; trainer, coach and consultant for CEO's, leaders and managers. He held numerous leadership positions in different companies (CEO, CFO (diamonds industry), Business Development Manager for Option until after its IPO) and founded a number of companies (high-tech and services). Raphaël has been training Krav Maga since 1984 and has been a Krav Maga expert since 2010. He graduated in 1994 from the Solvay business school in Brussels.

We are pleased to invite you to join us on a free webinar, invite-only, for CEO’s and organizational leaders.

The speakers will address a number of topics during the first 50 minutes of the webinar and they will be available for Q&A during the next 10 minutes. Only 100 pre-selected participants will be able to join and interact with the speakers. The other participants will be able to view a real-time streaming of the webinar, via Facebook.