04 Jul

Covid-19 has instantly brought us into a new reality.

Many of you have been put in lockdown with the only option of working from home.
A dramatic impact on the business. Who knows when this is going to end?

As CEO's and organisational leaders you were already facing significant levels of stress before Covid-19 .
Now you are facing extreme uncertainty / unpredictability in addition to your own increased stress.
The same is true for your staff. They need your support, they need ways to cope with their own stress.

This new reality made us want to reach out to you, and provide relevant support.
We have started to organise practical webinars for you, with expert speakers who share meaningful leadership insights.
For the time being these webinars are provided free of charge.

Please support this effort by participating, by providing feedback and by sharing this with your friends and colleagues.

Grow the impact
Increase the joy,
Share the love.

Previous webinars:

Finding Joy at Work, from Home (25 June 2020)

Expert speaker: Alex Liu, managing partner and chairman at Kearney

Please provide us with you Feedback.

CLICK here for Alex's Article in the Harvard Business Review

Podcasts on the topic

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